Commercials Galore

This past week, our students have been introduced to media literacy and many of the persuasive techniques used to convince us to buy various products. Some of the techniques we discussed were the bandwagon, snob appeal, and the emotional appeal techniques.

Throughout the week, we watched various commercials and discussed the music, camera angles, formality and informality and how commercials CAN manipulate, and convince, us.

Students then worked in groups to create their very own commercials. They were hired as an “advertising team” to invent a product they thought others needed. Each student had a job (chosen by them or the team based on his/her talents). Students then wrote scripts, designed slogans, jingles, and logos, directed, illustrated and collaborated.

I’m so proud of the jobs effectively accepted, practiced, and performed by our hard-working students.

Here’s a look into this past week’s hard work. Proud of you, Lobue Crew!

Commercials Commercials2 Commercials3 Commercials4 Commercials5,

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