Day 3 Genius Hour Presentations

We recently enjoyed Day 3 of our rockstar presenters. On this day, we learned about Michael Jordan, some basic words in Spanish, global warming, how to become a police officer, unique characteristics of giraffes, Elvis Presley, Usain Bolt, Pit Bulls, Dorothy Gibson, theories of how the Earth was created, Megalodon, Babe Ruth, the history of vending machines, types of volcanoes, how to build a natural forest shelter, how to make a transparent egg, how to ride a hoverboard, what it requires to become a game warden, Mars, how to make kinetic sand, the history of snowcones, and the history of Converse.  Wow!

What an incredible day of learning. So proud of these Genius Hour experts.

Enjoy some of our favorite class memories from this exciting day!

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