Day 4 Genius Hour Presentations

We recently enjoyed Day 4 of our rockstar presenters. On this day, we learned about catfish and the best baits to use when fishing for them, the history of softball, the history of television, the Youtube group known as Dude Perfect, Simone Biles, Scottish Terriers, the history of the NFL, Lisa Leslie, BMX bikes, Pug Tzu’s, Peyton Manning, great white sharks, Yorkshire Terriers, Lane Frost, Odell Beckham Jr., the history and positions of rugby, how to make edible playdoh and wonderful facts about Play Doh, Bengal tigers, what caused the video game crash of 1983, Boston Terriers, and how to groom dogs, Wow!

What an incredible day of learning. So proud of these Genius Hour experts.

Enjoy some of our favorite class memories from this exciting day!

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