Day 5 Genius Hour Presentations

We recently enjoyed Day 5 of our rockstar presenters. On this day, we learned about Babe Ruth,  tornadoes, were amazed at a classmate that built the Titanic, Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate Bridge in Minecraft, the history of the NFL, Alaskan Malamutes, Spider Monkeys, the history of YouTube, Black Mambas, the history of swords, salt water horses, the evolution of television, Lamar Jackson, clay, the Ebola Virus, what it’s like to live in the United Kingdom, all about rainbows, Lego Ninjago, Tasmanian Devils, and the history of football. Wow!

What an incredible day of learning. So proud of these Genius Hour experts.

Enjoy some of our favorite class memories from this exciting day!

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