Congratulations March Book It Superstars

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We had some reading superstars during the month of March that I want to recognize. I’m so proud of the students listed, and pictured, below for achieving their goal of 320 minutes!  You earned a FREE personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (these coupons were already sent home ). YUMMY! Enjoy!

 Congratulations to the RED group for winning the FIFTH TIME in a row! Wow!
The Book It program has ended for the year. Thanks for helping to make it successful with our children. I appreciate you!

Congrats to the following:

1. Gage D.
2. Matthew W.
3. Audrey J.
4. Kinsey W.
5. David W.
6. Gavin S.
7. Will Y.
8. Tyson V.
9. Kaleb S.
10. Kynlee B.
11. Karley O.
12. Hunter S.
13. Charity C.
14. Sydney T.
15. Katie H.
16. Caleb M.
17. Savana W.
18. Kylie D.
19. Aubrey S.
20. Nate B.
21. Jessica L.
22. Katie A.
23. Larkin D.
24. Jonathan F.
25. Gary D.
26. Chris L.