Shhhhh, Students Are Testing

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, will be given this week. On Monday, May 8th, a few of our 5th graders will take the STAAR Math Retest. On Tuesday, May 9th, a few of our 5th graders will take the STAAR Reading Retest. On Wednesday, May 10, our entire 5th grade will complete the STAAR Science assessment.

We encourage our students to:

  • Go to bed early.
  • Be on time for school.
  • Plan to bring your lunch from home that morning or purchase your lunch from the cafeteria on these two testing days. Food brought in for lunch will not be allowed for any grade level on testing days. VISITORS for lunch will not be permitted on campus on May 8th, 9th, and 10th.
  • Students may bring one, sealed bottle of room-temperature water. NO other drink will be allowed.

We are proud of our students and know that they are ready to show what they can do. Let’s stand behind them and show our support by making sure these tips are followed by all.

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