Lesson Plans for the Week of January 4-5

                                                          photo credit: Haiku Deck



  • Hand out graded reading logs and non-fiction task card grades (discuss)
  • Introduce Genius Hour and Passion Projects

What is Genius Hour? You Get to Have Your Own Genius Hour! Ideas for Genius Hour

  • Students will fill in a Google Form, which will give them ideas of interest to study (this form will be brought home so parents can help guide their child into a topic of study)

Hw: Be thinking of something you’re passionate about – something you’d like to create, solve, design, build, and learn more about (use the “idea list” to help you) and get PassionProject Introduction Letter signed


  • Discuss reading hw (maps, charts, timelines, etc.)
  • We will watch a couple of videos that answer the question “Why have Genius Hour?”
  • Discuss various ways students can present their information, experiment, design, model, book, tri-board, poster, etc.
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