Pennies for Pets

Our students recently started their Passion Projects/Genius Hour. During this time each week, students are to research something they are wanting to learn and/or are passionate about, using a driving question. We have students learning about the Marines, certain actors, the history of White Oak ISD, bone cancer, the dangers of smoking, writing their own book, learning how to crochet, choreographing a twirling routine, and the list on and on.

We discussed how nice it would be if our projects could reach outside the four walls of the classroom. To make that happen, our sixth graders are collecting “Pennies for Pets.” At the end of our collection time, we will give the lump sum to an animal organization that needs items/food for animals.

This was just announced on Monday, and we have already collected $31.62! This says a lot about our White Oak kids. I’m so proud of them and their caring hearts!

We CAN make a difference, and they are doing just that!

Pictured below: just a couple of our students who have already donated

Pennies for Pets

We care!


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