Pennies for Pets Update

Our sixth graders have been collecting “Pennies for Pets” over the last month. With the money collected, they have made a BIG difference in the lives of some precious “fur babies.”

So far they have:

  • sponsored the $100 adoption fee of an older pet named Noodle (he is up for adoption now through Regard4Life)  **I went to see him at Petco this past Saturday. He’s SO cute!
  • Bought $100 worth of necessary items for Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center

Our students have shown great generosity and love that stretches far into our community and the hearts of some loving fur babies. Way to go!

Look at Noodle! He’s ready to be adopted!

Card Received from Regard4Life

East Texas Animal Care & Adoption Center

Supplies bought for Longview Animal Care & Adoption Center

Way to go sixth graders! Your contribution makes a difference!


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One thought on “Pennies for Pets Update

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Way to go Mrs. Lobue and White Oak MIddle School 6th graders!!! Ya’ll are AMAZING!

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