Camp Gilmont Reminders

Reminders for Camp Gilmont in Gilmer Texas

If sunny, wear sunscreen (especially on face)
Bring lunch in sack/bag that can be thrown away and a drink
Water will be provided along the trail
If you have an inhaler, bring it from home.
Wear long pants that cover your legs/tennis shoes
Can wear hats/visors & sunglasses
Wear WO shirt if you can.
Check the weather the day before we leave to see what clothes will be the best to wear.
Stay with chaperone/assigned group (do NOT wander off)
We have enough chaperones (don’t need any other parents)
Do NOT be late to school. We will be leaving around 8:00.
We will return by 2:30.
Cell phones must be put away at all times unless specifically given permission by your Camp Gilmont teacher. You are responsible for keeping it put away and safe.
Be ready to be active and enjoy nature!
You don’t need your backpack/Chromebook on this day. Don’t carry anything unnecessary.
Meet in Bohn’s room in the morning.
We are representing WO. Be on best behavior (CHAMPS behavior)




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