Passion Projects – Day 2 2018

Genius Hour

Our students have worked extremely hard learning how to do new things, researching their topics, creating final projects and more. It’s now showtime! Our students (or experts) are busy sharing all the incredible information they’ve learned on their chosen topic.

On Day 2 we learned about the following:

The History of the Dallas Cowboys, the history of music, we heard the first chapter of a book that a classmate created and learned about one of her favorite authors (Kami Garcia), what memes are and who created them, Toyko, the history of Keva Blocks, Amniotic Band Syndrome and the inspiring story of Shaquem Griffin who has this rare condition, the Beatles’ band members, what it takes to become a police officer, VSD (an abnormality of the heart), the Harlem Globetrotters, game hunting weapons and trick shots, Stranger Things and how the Duffer brothers created this popular Netflix show, Bath bombs, Branson, Missouri, how to become a youtuber, Compassion International and how to sponsor a child, Germany, and Ball Pythons.

What an amazing day of learning! Now we’re looking forward to the next day of presentations.

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