Passion Projects – Day 3 2018

Genius Hour

Our students have worked extremely hard learning how to do new things, researching their topics, creating final projects and more. It’s now showtime! Our students (or experts) are busy sharing all the incredible information they’ve learned on their chosen topic.

On Day 3 we learned about the following:

We saw a student make her very own cake recipe (a spiced pear cake), we learned about Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven on Stranger Things)Inky Johnson and how he became a motivational speaker, Bora Bora, volcanoes, hurricanes, the five most common types of cancer and their symptoms, the history of White Oak and a few of its businesses, the Marines, what it takes to become an offshore operator, sign language, the history of baseball, the detrimental effects of smoking, depression & anxiety, and James Harden.

What an amazing day of learning! Now we’re looking forward to the next day of presentations.

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