Day 5 Passion Projects 2018

Our students have worked extremely hard learning how to do new things, researching their topics, creating final projects and more. It’s now showtime! Our students (or experts) are busy sharing all the incredible information they’ve learned on their chosen topic.

On Day 5 we learned about the following:

We learned about the history of PlayStation, Gaten Matarazzo, how to lose weight while seated, volleyball and some of its hits, rattlesnakes, Helen Keller, the success of Little Debbie, ten of the most common phobias, mini master swords and facts about swords, the history of emojis, competitive cheerleading, we observed three amazing experiments and learned the science behind them, how Warheads are made, and we learned about Dude Perfect and saw a few of their trick shots.

What an amazing day of learning!

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