Day 5 Genius Hour Video

I’m so proud of these hard-working students. We had a wonderful day of learning. We learned about: the history of soccer, chickens, slime, tips for great writing, the five most dangerous animals in North America, the evolution of cars and how the assembly line came about, sugar skulls and how to make one, how to make spaghetti, dolphins, how to make lasagna, the Megatherium, JK “Red” Harris and his fame in the rodeo world, how has Fortnite and its features changed over the years, the most common weapons used the WWII, how skyscrapers are built, the history of Skittles and how to make homemade Skittles, the hoverboard’s history and changes, Iris Apfel, and general surgery.

Super job, “expert!” I’m so proud of you!



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