Lesson Plans for the Week of September 2-6

Our first middle school pep rally is this Thursday.


  • Happy Labor Day

Tuesday – 

  • Read ch. 5 in novel
  • Discuss “Benefits of Cursive”
  • Begin cursive – Letter Aa


  • “6th Grade Words” on Vocabulary.com
  • Study vocabulary (test on Friday 9/6) Click HERE to study.


  • Read ch. 6 in novel
  • Glue in character traits
  • List 5 of our best character traits, choose one and write about a time we used/conveyed that character trait


  • Finish “6th Grade Words” on Vocabulary.com (due tomorrow)
  • Study vocabulary (test on Friday 9/6)

Thursday- Vocabulary.com (“6th Grade Words” is Due)

  • Read ch. 7 in novel
  • Grammar Time – NOUNS


  • Study vocabulary (test tomorrow)

Friday –

  • Vocabulary Test
  • Noun practice

This Friday is my last day before I take off for 6 weeks. I will be having my preop appointment on 9/9 and neck surgery on 9/10. Kathy Phillips will be my long-term sub. I will miss my students but look forward to returning pain-free.

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