Terezin Concentration Camp Butterflies


Children’s Drawings & Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp, 1942-1944

We have been studying the Holocaust in writing. We read the amazing SCOPE story, “The Girl Who Lived Forever” (Anne Frank). We culminated this with an opportunity to go through Anne Frank’s secret annex on a virtual tour.

We have also been watching Eva Heyman’s Stories on Instagram to see what it may have been like if there were social media during the Holocaust. Eva’s stories were emotional and gave us an inside look into one of history’s darkest periods.

During our study, we also read poems and viewed artwork from children in the Terezin Concentration Camp from the book, I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  Each child read a poem from the book, analyzed it, and then wrote to, or for, the child. Some wrote letters, prose, and others wrote poems (free verse and rhyming). The activity was very open-ended! I love the wide variety of butterflies on our wall!

Students went through the entire writing process in order to publish the butterflies. They wrote with emotion and carried on the voices of those innocent children who sadly perished and won’t see another butterfly. It was a joy to see the arts included in this activity – they really enjoyed watercoloring their masterpieces!

Enjoy the video to see a sneak peek into their butterfly creations. Way to go!


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