Home Safari #2 and Results of our First Poll

Here’s our latest update on Remote Learning while out due to the Coronavirus. Our first poll was guessing which animal we would learn about on our 2nd home safari. Congrats to Period 1 for having the most that guessed Brazilian Porcupines based on the given clues. Check out the videos below of me sharing the results and giving instructions to this remote learning assignment.

Thank you, students, for completing the Flipgrid Brazilian Porcupine remote learning lesson. I’m enjoying the engaging videos of you sharing at least THREE facts about this amazing animal. So far, we have 44 responses, 12.4 hours of engagement, 974 views, and we practiced speaking skills/listening skills/ and more. I look for our stats to keep increasing. Bravo!

Keep checking Google Classroom and my blog daily. Stay safe and healthy!

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