Home Safari #4 & Penguin Quiz Contest

Happy Monday! Here’s our latest Remote Learning Assignment. Congrats to Periods 1 & 2 for winning last week’s polls. Today, I have posted a  short Penguin Quiz. You need to watch the penguin safari video in order to answer the questions. Which class will get the most correct answers? I will announce the winning class tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Check out the video below of me announcing this quiz and penguin assignment.

Let’s write some Penguin Poetry. After watching the informational Penguin Safari, write a Penguin Acrostic, using the facts from the video. You may also go to the website I’ve provided in Google Classroom to get additional penguin facts Please pay attention to your writing skills- watch spelling and use million $ words, please.

Mrs. Boo’s Penguin Acrostic

After you finish your acrostic, upload a video on Flipgrid of you sharing your acrostic. We can’t wait to see your final product.

Flipgrid Assignment

Continue to check Google Classroom and my blog daily. Stay safe and healthy!

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