3/26 – Storyjumper Remote Lesson

Parents & Students,

I have posted the next “Remote Learning” lesson in Google Classroom. This is due tomorrow, March 27. We are using a new program today called Storyjumper. Each student will create his/her own page in our GROUP book. See below for detailed instructions.

Go to www.storyjumper.com (click on the link I provided). 

Click ‘Login’, click ‘Sign in with Google’, and login with your school Google account. You should then see a book titled WORDS WE LIVE BY.

We are creating a GROUP book. Each of you has a page of your own to work on. Do NOT work on anyone else’s page. You will put the quote you found (and shared on Flipgrid) yesterday onto your page. TELL WHY you chose this quote or what it means to you. 

****If you didn’t do yesterday’s QUOTE assignment, go finish that FIRST.

You can play around with the program and add TEXT, PICTURES, CHARACTERS, SCENES, and more. Create a beautiful page of your own. Pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. This is a FINAL DRAFT. 

I can’t wait to see everyone’s pages. If a student doesn’t create a page, I will delete it so we have a beautiful FINAL draft of Words to Live By. 

This assignment will get us accustomed to the Storyjumper program, which will help us with next week’s assignment. Enjoy and have fun learning the features of this program. 

Some examples that have already been created:

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