4/6-4/10 Assignments – Emoji Story & Finish Genius Hour Notes

This was sent out early this morning via Remind to parents and through Google Classroom to my students. This week, our children will be writing Emoji stories in a new program called SeeSaw and finishing their Genius Hour notes.

See the video below for detailed information regarding this week.

Stay safe and healthy.

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Students Completed “Words to Live By” Quote Books

Last week, 6th-grade writers completed a remote learning lesson that required them to find a quote that meant something to them. Each student was assigned their own page and could be decorated uniquely with their quote. Many students told why they chose this quote or what the quote meant to them. When writing, students were asked to pay close attention to capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Thanks to all of my students who completed this “remote learning” lesson. I’m so proud of you!

I hope you’ll take a minute to peruse these lovely collections. Bravo, students!

Period 1:

Period 2:

Period 3:

Period 4:

Period 6:

Period 7:

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Lesson Plans for the Week of 3/30-4/3 – Remote Learning

This week, students will be writing their very own fictitious story using the program we were introduced to last week, StoryJumper. Students will plan their stories out in the story map I posted on Google Classroom FIRST. Then, using that planning page, they will then construct their own fiction (can be fantasy or realistic fiction) story using StoryJumper.

Be sure and follow the detailed directions I’ve posted. By Friday, students should have a final draft with million $ words, description throughout the story, a setting, characters (protagonist and antagonist), an ongoing theme, a conflict, and a resolution. Stories should have a title, they can have a dedication page (like our book did last week), and should be checked over for correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. I’ve posted examples of themes and great transition resources on Google Classroom. StoryJumper will allow students to add colors, scenes, characters, speech bubbles, props, text boxes, and more.

I’m looking forward to reading all the stories. I will be checking them all week.

Stay safe and healthy, my writing heroes.

This Week’s Assignment

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3/26 – Storyjumper Remote Lesson

Parents & Students,

I have posted the next “Remote Learning” lesson in Google Classroom. This is due tomorrow, March 27. We are using a new program today called Storyjumper. Each student will create his/her own page in our GROUP book. See below for detailed instructions.

Go to www.storyjumper.com (click on the link I provided). 

Click ‘Login’, click ‘Sign in with Google’, and login with your school Google account. You should then see a book titled WORDS WE LIVE BY.

We are creating a GROUP book. Each of you has a page of your own to work on. Do NOT work on anyone else’s page. You will put the quote you found (and shared on Flipgrid) yesterday onto your page. TELL WHY you chose this quote or what it means to you. 

****If you didn’t do yesterday’s QUOTE assignment, go finish that FIRST.

You can play around with the program and add TEXT, PICTURES, CHARACTERS, SCENES, and more. Create a beautiful page of your own. Pay attention to capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. This is a FINAL DRAFT. 

I can’t wait to see everyone’s pages. If a student doesn’t create a page, I will delete it so we have a beautiful FINAL draft of Words to Live By. 

This assignment will get us accustomed to the Storyjumper program, which will help us with next week’s assignment. Enjoy and have fun learning the features of this program. 

Some examples that have already been created:

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Penguin Acrostics

Our 4th Home Safari remote lesson was learning about penguins. Students watched a Home Safari video about Penguins and then created an acrostic using the facts they learned. They could also research penguins to learn additional facts.

Students then uploaded a video onto Flipgrid sharing their acrostics.

We’ve had some amazing final products so far.

Way to go! I”m looking forward to seeing even more amazing acrostics.

Stay safe and healthy!


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Home Safari #4 & Penguin Quiz Contest

Happy Monday! Here’s our latest Remote Learning Assignment. Congrats to Periods 1 & 2 for winning last week’s polls. Today, I have posted a  short Penguin Quiz. You need to watch the penguin safari video in order to answer the questions. Which class will get the most correct answers? I will announce the winning class tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Check out the video below of me announcing this quiz and penguin assignment.

Let’s write some Penguin Poetry. After watching the informational Penguin Safari, write a Penguin Acrostic, using the facts from the video. You may also go to the website I’ve provided in Google Classroom to get additional penguin facts Please pay attention to your writing skills- watch spelling and use million $ words, please.

Mrs. Boo’s Penguin Acrostic

After you finish your acrostic, upload a video on Flipgrid of you sharing your acrostic. We can’t wait to see your final product.

Flipgrid Assignment

Continue to check Google Classroom and my blog daily. Stay safe and healthy!

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