Updated School Closure Information

White Oak Community,

Today, Tuesday, March 31 st, Governor Abbott extended the school closure period
for Texas school districts through May 4th. White Oak ISD will comply with this
order. Tentatively students will return to school on Tuesday, May 5th. We will
continue to follow future guidance from the Governor, CDC, T.E.A., County Judge
etc. and will disseminate ASAP.

White Oak ISD will continue with the ‘continuity of education’ plan both hard-
copy and online for as long as it is practical (through the end of May as needed). We
are attempting to balance the need of keeping our students engaged in the learning
process and the logistical, real-life issues facing parents and guardians in our

White Oak class of 2020: Our heart is breaking for each of you and we
understand that this is a difficult time. Please know that we are exploring every
option that we can think of to try and give closure for y’all. At this point, we are
not sure if UIL activities can/will resume (currently shut down until May 4th) but
we will update as we can. We WILL have some sort of graduation ceremony,
although at this point we are not sure what that might look like….perhaps a virtual
ceremony to begin with and an ‘actual’ ceremony at a later date. We want to give
each of you your moment. We will update.

The lunch/breakfast program will continue uninterrupted.

Thank you for your continued support during these very challenging times. I know
it is difficult for everyone. Please know that White Oak ISD is trying to make the
best decisions we can that benefit our kiddos and community during these very
fluid and changing times. Please stay safe, healthy and continue to follow CDC

Go Roughnecks!
Brian Gray-Superintendent of Schools
White Oak ISD
The HOME of Roughneck PRIDE!

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Terezin Concentration Camp Butterflies


Children’s Drawings & Poems from Terezin Concentration Camp, 1942-1944

We have been studying the Holocaust in writing. We read the amazing SCOPE story, “The Girl Who Lived Forever” (Anne Frank). We culminated this with an opportunity to go through Anne Frank’s secret annex on a virtual tour.

We have also been watching Eva Heyman’s Stories on Instagram to see what it may have been like if there were social media during the Holocaust. Eva’s stories were emotional and gave us an inside look into one of history’s darkest periods.

During our study, we also read poems and viewed artwork from children in the Terezin Concentration Camp from the book, I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  Each child read a poem from the book, analyzed it, and then wrote to, or for, the child. Some wrote letters, prose, and others wrote poems (free verse and rhyming). The activity was very open-ended! I love the wide variety of butterflies on our wall!

Students went through the entire writing process in order to publish the butterflies. They wrote with emotion and carried on the voices of those innocent children who sadly perished and won’t see another butterfly. It was a joy to see the arts included in this activity – they really enjoyed watercoloring their masterpieces!

Enjoy the video to see a sneak peek into their butterfly creations. Way to go!


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Important Benchmark Information

White Oak Middle School students will take benchmarks Feb 10-13.  These tests give us great data in knowing where our students are at this point in the year.  These days are set up just like STAAR, so it is really important for your child to be at school each testing day.  Students will eat lunch at 12:30.  If you plan to bring lunch, please drop it off in the office by 12:25.

Feb 10-  Math Benchmark

Feb 11-  Reading Benchmark

Feb 12- Writing Benchmark (7th grade); Science Benchmark (8th grade)

Feb 13- Social Studies Benchmark (8th grade)

Your child may bring a water bottle and non-messy snack on testing days. For sixth grade, we test on Monday, February 10 and Tuesday, February 11.

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Important Exam Information

12/18   4th, 5th, Study Hall exams

12/19   1st, 2nd, 6th exams

12/20  3rd, 7th, 8th exams

**Students who do not have an exam last period will only be allowed to be picked up by someone on the Skyward pickup list.  Students will NOT be called out of class to leave during exams.  This will cause an interruption to other students. Students who are leaving early may be picked up at 9:15 or 10:40.  All students will be released at 12:15. Lunch will be “grab and go all” 3 days.

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Semester Exam Schedule

Our 2019 Semester Exam Schedule is below.  Please note that we will not have a 30-minute lunch during exam days.  Students will have the opportunity to “grab a sack lunch and go.”  Students are allowed to be picked up early by a parent or a person on the pickup list in Skyward if they do not have an exam at the end of each day.  We will release at 12:15.

Wednesday December 18………4th, 5th, Exam Review

Thursday December 19………………………….1, 2, 6

Friday December 20………………………….3, 7, 8

Wednesday Thursday Friday
4th             7:55-9:15 1st            7:55-9:15 3rd            7:55-9:15
5th             9:20-10:40 2nd         9:20-10:40 7th            9:20-10:40
Exam Review  10:45-12:05 6th         10:45-12:05 8th            10:45-12:05
Grab and Go Lunch Grab and Go Lunch Grab and Go Lunch
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Lesson Plans for the Week of December 9-13


  • Grammar- prepositions/objects of the preposition
  • Learn the format of a friendly letter and apply (prewriting)


Tuesday –SUB IN MY ROOM (remind your child of great behavior)

  • Flocabulary (Adverbs Quiz)
  • Adverbs Quizizz (finish for hw if not finished in class)

HW: Finish Adverbs Quizizz (daily grade)


  • Begin rough draft of friendly letter
  • Discuss “trash words” and glue into notebook

HW: Finish Adverbs Quizizz (daily grade)


  • Revise & edit the rough draft of friendly letter

HW: Finish Adverbs Quizizz (daily grade)

Friday –

  • Complete final draft of friendly letter (decorate)
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Pearl Harbor Mini Unit

Our students have been learning about that infamous day on December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor).  I was fortunate enough to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial in 1993. With December 7 around the corner (“a date which will live infamy”), I decided to take my students on a virtual tour to the site of the sunken USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor.

Thank you, Billy Terry, for sharing the story of your grandpa with me so I could then share it with our kiddos. We learned what a brave man he was. I’m glad he got to go back to the site of Pearl Harbor and take his grandson. Your grandson is right, “He is the epitome” of the greatest generation.”

Our students also made Pearl Harbor Blackout Poetry and were involved in a Pearl Harbor Escape Room.

We honor all the men and women who so bravely served our nation during WWII.

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