Pennies for Pets Update

Our incredibly generous students continue to bring in “Pennies for Pets.” I’m super amazed at them for caring about our furry friends. As of now, we’ve raised $222.00.

Last week, I contacted Regard4Life. There were many ways we could help this organization. One of the ways to help was to sponsor an adoption. I let my students vote on whether they wanted to sponsor a cat or a dog. Dog was the winner! I was able to give $100 of our money to Regard4Life in order to sponsor the adoption of an older white Schnauzer named Noodle. Noodle was found running around the streets of Gilmer. He’s been “fixed,” had some teeth pulled, and is now ready for adoption. We can’t wait to post that Noodle had found his fUR-ever home.


Way to go kids!

A few of those caring students are pictured below:


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Pennies For Pets

Our incredibly generous students continue to bring in “Pennies for Pets.” I’m super amazed at them for caring about our furry friends. As of now, we’ve raised $135.74 for an animal shelter/organization.

Way to go!

A few of those caring students are pictured below:

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Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

photo credit: law officer

As we all take today off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let’s not forget what this incredible man did. He stood for equality, justice, and racial reconciliation. He was brave, determined, and persistent, all those qualities most of us only hope we can be. Enjoy today, but don’t forget Dr. King, all that he stood for, and his dream!

Happy birthday, Dr. King!


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Pennies for Pets

Our students recently started their Passion Projects/Genius Hour. During this time each week, students are to research something they are wanting to learn and/or are passionate about, using a driving question. We have students learning about the Marines, certain actors, the history of White Oak ISD, bone cancer, the dangers of smoking, writing their own book, learning how to crochet, choreographing a twirling routine, and the list on and on.

We discussed how nice it would be if our projects could reach outside the four walls of the classroom. To make that happen, our sixth graders are collecting “Pennies for Pets.” At the end of our collection time, we will give the lump sum to an animal organization that needs items/food for animals.

This was just announced on Monday, and we have already collected $31.62! This says a lot about our White Oak kids. I’m so proud of them and their caring hearts!

We CAN make a difference, and they are doing just that!

Pictured below: just a couple of our students who have already donated

Pennies for Pets

We care!


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Report Cards

Just a reminder that report cards will come home Tuesday, January 10, ONLY if you requested a HARD copy.  Otherwise, you have access to all of your student’s grades as they are posted throughout the nine weeks via Skyward. Exam grades are also posted in Skyward. Use Family Access to receive weekly notifications of postings.

Image from

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For the health and safety of our students and staff, White Oak ISD will NOT have school Thursday, December 14 or Friday, December 15.  We will return to school Monday, December 18 for exams.  The choir concert that is scheduled for tomorrow night is canceled.  Middle School will not have any type of practice Thursday or Friday. Our maintenance and custodial staff will spend these two days deep cleaning our buildings and buses. Please see our exam schedule below:

Monday, 12/18 Tuesday, 12/19 Wednesday, 12/20
4th         7:55-9:15 1st         7:55-9:15 3rd          7:55-9:15
2nd        9:20-9:25 2nd       9:20-9:25 2nd         9:20-9:25
5th         9:30-10:50 2nd       9:30-10:50 7th          9:30-10:50
Lunch   10:55-11:25 6th        10:55-12:15 8th          10:55-12:15
Study Hall 11:30-12:15 Grab and Go Lunch Grab and Go Lunch
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White Oak Middle School will have semester exams December 18, 19, 20.  We will also have Early Release at 12:15 each of those days.  We will not have an official lunchtime 12/19 or 12/20.  Students who need a lunch will receive a hamburger/cheeseburger sack lunch between 11:45-12:15 to go.  Students who do not have an exam last period may be checked out by a parent/guardian.

Please see the schedule below:

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Thank You, Education Foundation!

My students and I want to thank the Education Foundation for the generous donation to our room. We will be getting a microphone that will be used when students are presenting Passion Projects, performing reader’s theater, and sharing other masterpieces and works of wonder and creativity.

Also, when this teacher is reading six times a day, my voice will no longer be strained from doing so.

We appreciate you!

Now we’re just waiting excitedly for our microphone to come in!


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