Lesson Plans for the Week of 10/15-10/19

Bring your library book to school. Students will have an opportunity to return their fiction book and check out another one. I’m encouraging them to read a different type of fiction book this time.

Monday – 

  • Discuss Dialect and examples
  • Informal vs. formal language
  • Out of my Mind novel

Click HERE to practice vocabulary with flashcards and games.

HW: Study vocabulary words and read 20 minutes

Tuesday –

  • Poetry lesson (discuss poetic devices used in poetry)
  • Partners will analyze two poems

HW: Study vocabulary words and read 20 minutes


  • Out of My Mind
  • Vocabulary test (this grade will go on the next 9 weeks)
  • Pass out poetry homework “At the Window”

HW: Complete poetry hw **Your child gets bonus points for proving their answers.


  • Visit the library
  • Out of my Mind
  • Poetry quiz (10 question quiz)

HW: Complete poetry hw


  • no school for students (enjoy your day off)

HW: Have a great weekend!

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Homecoming Pep Rally

Middle School students will NOT have Early Release this Friday, Oct 5th.  We will run our normal Pep Rally schedule.  Students will report to 8th period, teachers will take attendance, and then we will attend the pep rally as a campus. We will then walk back to the middle school for dismissal.

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Important Homecoming Information


Students will be allowed to wear mums/garters on Friday, Oct 5th.  All bells and noisemakers must be taped.  The school will not be responsible for lost or damaged mums/garters.  It will be the student’s responsibility to keep up with the mum/garter.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in theme days:

Monday-  Tacky Tourist

Tuesday-  Dress as your favorite Meme/Vine

Wednesday-  Dress in your favorite decade

Thursday-  Western

Friday- Maroon and White

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Lesson Plans for the Week of September 10-September 14

Monday –

  • Hand out new vocabulary words   **Go HERE to study and practice your words with ready-made flashcards and games.
  • Out of My Mind Novel
  • Finish Characterization of Melody Graphic Organizer
  • Early finishers will create a 9/11 WORDLE

HW: Study vocabulary words for test on 9/21 and FINISH reading passage “The Day the Towers Fell” (DUE WEDNESDAY) Prove answers -5 bonus points on grade


  • Watch Flocabulary’s 9/11 video **Discuss theme and events of this day in history
  • In partners, complete “Synonym and Antonym Match”
  • See video of heroes and discuss what it means to be a HERO

HW: Study vocabulary words for test on 9/21  **Reading passage DUE tomorrow!


  • Take up reading passage
  • Hand out reading log (due next Wednesday) *This will be a grade. Your child should be reading a fiction book.
  • Read chapter from Out of My Mind
  • Begin 9/11 Context Clues Task Cards

HW: Study vocabulary and reading log


  • Read Out of My Mind
  • Complete 9/11 Context Clues Task Cards

HW: Study vocabulary and reading log


  • Read Out of My Mind
  • Vocabulary Game
  • Those finished with ALL work from the week will complete a 9/11 Cinquain

HW: Have a great weekend!

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Pep Rally Information

Pep Rally Information

HIGH SCHOOL-White Oak Middle School students and staff will attend all High School Pep Rallies.  We will all walk over to the gym and sit together as a student body.  At the conclusion of each pep rally, we will release students as normal- parent pickups, walkers, and bus riders.  We also run an alternate schedule on Fridays for pep rallies.  Students will attend periods 1-4, lunch at 11:07, and periods 5-8.

MIDDLE SCHOOL-  Middle School pep rallies will take place on Thursdays at 3:00 in the New Middle School Gym.  Our first pep rally will be Thursday, Sept. 6.  Students and staff will sit together as a student body.  Parents are welcome to meet us at the gym to celebrate our Middle School Roughnecks! At the conclusion of each pep rally, we will release students as normal- parent pickups, walkers, and bus riders.


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Stand Up For Learning – Our Donor’s Org Project

Tomorrow only- WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22 (starting by 9AM ET), donations to projects on DonorsChoose.org — including yours! — will receive a 50% boost from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. For example, a $20 donation will become a $30 donation, and so on. (Technically, we call this a 1.5x match.)

Here’s the link to our project….


Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Feel free to share with others.

Mrs. Boo and her crew

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Meet the Teacher 2018-2019


I want to welcome all of you back. I hope you’ve had a sensational summer. I know I did! I can’t wait to share some of my highlights and favorites with you.

School is right around the corner. I’ve been in “our classroom” working hard to get it ready.

I can’t wait to see (meet) you on Monday, August 13, at Meet the Teacher from 5:00-6:30. At 5:00, there’s an informational meeting for sixth grade and then at 5:30, it’s time to meet your teachers. You can bring your supplies and leave them in your locker or just bring them on the first day.

It’s going to be a phenomenal year! Can’t wait!


Mrs. Lobue (aka Mrs. Boo)

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