Welcome to Sixth Grade 2021-2022

Welcome to Sixth Grade!

I want to welcome all of you back. I hope you’ve had a sensational summer.

School is right around the corner.  I’m looking forward to being your writing teacher. We have a lot of fun learning ahead of us.

I can’t wait to see (meet) you on Tuesday, August 10, at Meet the Teacher from 5:00-6:30. At 5:00, there’s an informational meeting in the cafeteria and then at 5:30, it’s time to meet your teachers. You can bring your supplies and leave them in your locker, or just bring them on the first day.

It’s going to be a phenomenal year! I can’t wait!

***I communicate with parents frequently. We’ll be signing up for my REMIND at Meet the Teacher. 


Mrs. Lobue (aka Mrs. Boo)

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sixth Grade 2021-2022”

  1. Can you walk me through the process of unsubscribing since Ryann is moving into the 7th grade? By the way, Ryann had a great time in your class. Thanks for keeping the learning experience a fun process.

    1. Joe,
      I absolutely loved having Ryann in class. She is a blessing and joy to teach. I will unsubscribe you.

      Mrs. Lobue

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