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Please Join My REMIND!


Please check your child’s schedule. If LOBUE is on his/her schedule for WRITING, please join my class (see below for how to join). Please put your child’s first name at the end of yours. This will help me greatly! Make sure you sign up as a PARENT so it will allow me to message you personally if necessary.

This is how I’ll communicate important dates, homework, upcoming assignments, class happenings, and more.

NOTE: If your child is in ADVANCED WRITING, you DO NOT need to join this class. You are already in a REMIND group. 🙂





Welcome to Sixth Grade 2021-2022

Welcome to Sixth Grade!

I want to welcome all of you back. I hope you’ve had a sensational summer.

School is right around the corner.  I’m looking forward to being your writing teacher. We have a lot of fun learning ahead of us.

I can’t wait to see (meet) you on Tuesday, August 10, at Meet the Teacher from 5:00-6:30. At 5:00, there’s an informational meeting in the cafeteria and then at 5:30, it’s time to meet your teachers. You can bring your supplies and leave them in your locker, or just bring them on the first day.

It’s going to be a phenomenal year! I can’t wait!

***I communicate with parents frequently. We’ll be signing up for my REMIND at Meet the Teacher. 


Mrs. Lobue (aka Mrs. Boo)