Soar Above the Rest: Superhero Day

Loved seeing all of our SUPERHEROES “soar” through the school today!

Superhero Teachers

Superhero Teachers That Care About our Superhero Students


Lobue's Superheroes

Lobue’s Superheroes

Brantley's Superheroes

Brantley’s Superheroes

McFall's Superheroes

McFall’s Superheroes

McBride's Superheroes

McBride’s Superheroes

Ummel's Superheroes

Ummel’s Superheroes

Superheroes Dabbing

Superheroes Dabbing

Superheroes at Recess

Superheroes at Recess

Superheroes Love Recess

Superheroes Love Recess

Superhero Friends

Superhero Friends


Red Ribbon Week – WEAR RED Photos!

Today was the beginning of Red Ribbon Week. It was definitely a “sea of red” coming down the hallway. I loved it!

Look at our awesome students decked out in red. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s “Dress Like a Nerd Day!”

Lobue's Homeroom

Lobue’s Homeroom


Brantley's Homeroom

Brantley’s Homeroom


McFall's Homeroom

McFall’s Homeroom

McBride's Homeroom

McBride’s Homeroom


Ummel's Homeroom

Ummel’s Homeroom

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing 1 and Thing 2

NO School Tomorrow!


Friday, October 21st, will be a STUDENT HOLIDAY. No buses will run. No students will be attending classes on any campuses. This is a district Teacher Workday. We hope that children will enjoy this three-day weekend, and we anticipate seeing you again on Monday morning. Be safe.

Fundraiser Packets Due Tomorrow

thank-you-genevieves-rg9xc8Students will need to bring their completed envelopes tomorrow,  Thursday, October 13th. The Big Kahuna Cookie Dough Fundraiser has come to an end. Thank you to all who chose to participate. Our school will greatly benefit because of you.

Please make sure the total amount and information on the envelope is filled out. Teachers won’t have time to fill in amounts and/or information.

Thanks again for your help and support!

Regular School Day Tomorrow & Bring Book


Just so there is no confusion, we will have a regular school day on Monday, October 10th. Please be sure that you are ready at school on Monday because learning will be taking place.

Our next student holiday is Friday, October 21st. This will be a work day for all teachers.


Parent Orientation THIS Tuesday


Parent Orientation has been scheduled for the parents of intermediate students on Tuesday, October 11th,  from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

The orientation will begin at 6:30 in the elementary cafeteria with a brief meeting. We will then dismiss and 5th grade will meet in the computer lab.

Parents, please mark your calendars and make plans to attend.

See you Tuesday!

School Fundraiser Going on NOW


Each year our school has a fundraiser. We use the funds for various items our teachers and students need.

Check out this note from our principal, Mrs. Rock.


Our once a year fundraiser kicked off Thursday, September 29th, and will extend through Thursday, October 13th. This has always been a successful fundraiser for our campus, as the funds raised help to provide much-needed items that extend beyond the campus budget. I am truly grateful for the support we have received in the past, and look forward to what this year brings!

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what big ticket items I was able to purchase with last year’s fundraising efforts:

  • Hokki stools for every classroom (3-5 per room)
  • Chromebooks
  • iPads and Osmos kits for the math teachers
  • Motorized screen in the cafeteria for presentations (projector donated for free)
  • Whiteboards for classrooms
  • New whiteboard tables for one classroom
  • New materials for our literacy library
  • Bouncy houses for student incentives

If this year’s fundraising efforts prove fruitful, my main focus is looking to continue to buy more alternative seating and update learning spaces for our students in their classrooms and the library.

Your support is imperative to making this a success, so thank you for all you are willing to do to help our campus!

Ms. Rock