Genius Hour

Genius Hour 2022 – Day 6

We had so many wonderful presentations shared on this day. Bravo, kiddos! We learned about the following:

  1. The origin of Spanish and how to say some words in Spanish
  2. The RMS Titanic
  3. The first liquid jet-fueled rocket airplane
  4. Greek Architecture and an amazing creation in Minecraft
  5. The History of Nintendo
  6. Toni Stone – an amazing female athlete

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour 2022 – Day 5

Day 5 Genius Hour is edited and posted. Check out all these wonderful presenters sharing their knowledge. I’m so proud of them.

On this day, we learned about:

1. White Oak’s History
2. Engines
3. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
4. Welding
5. Louis Zamperini (a POW during WWII)
6. Black Cats and the Superstitions Behind Them
7. Trombone
8. Things That Scare Dogs and How to Calm Them
9. Ronda Rousey
10. Dragons in the Asian Culture
11. 3 Types of Bunnies (see Delilah the bunny)

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour 2022- Day 4 Video

Genius Hour Day 4 Video is edited and posted. Super job, presenters. On this day, we learned about the following:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Different Kind of Geese (we even met Nickels the goose)
  • The Piano
  • Adolf Hitler and How He Came to Power
  • How the Arabic and Spanish Languages are Similar
  • D-Day
  • CB Radios
  • Catfish
  • How to Create a Stop Motion Video
  • History of Magic and Harry Houdini
  • Weapons/Tanks Used in WWII
  • The History of Softball

Enjoy all the hard work and knowledge shared by these superstars!

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour Presentations 2022 – Day 1

These kiddos have been working extremely hard to take notes, research, and create a presentation to share what they learned with the class. This is always one of my favorite times of the year. On this day, we learned about:

Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
Evolution of Baseball Bats
How to Take Care of Goats
How Ocean Pollution is a Problem
The History of Legos
5 Extinct/Dangerous Animals
Brittany Spaniel
9/11 and its Events
The Guitar
We got to feed a baby goat and learn more about goats!
Jayson Tatum
3 Types of Engineering
What it’s like to live with autism and dyslexia
The Eiffel Tower

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Back to School, Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans for August 12-13

Welcome Back! I’m excited about this new school year! Please bring your supplies and a water bottle on the first day. Can’t wait to see you!


  1. Welcome
  2. Rules and procedures
  3. Organize supplies
  4. Get to know Mrs. Lobue (Mrs. Boo)

HW: Make sure your parent/guardian subscribes to my blog AND REMIND 101. 


  1. Hand out blog subscription letter (DUE 8/20) ***Child will receive a 100 in writing if turned in by the due date)
  2. Read GRIT by Tamara Zantic (discuss the meaning of GRIT and how we can apply it to our lives)
  3. Team building activity

HW: Make sure your parent/guardian subscribes to my blog AND REMIND 101. 


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Back to School

Please Join My REMIND!


Please check your child’s schedule. If LOBUE is on his/her schedule for WRITING, please join my class (see below for how to join). Please put your child’s first name at the end of yours. This will help me greatly! Make sure you sign up as a PARENT so it will allow me to message you personally if necessary.

This is how I’ll communicate important dates, homework, upcoming assignments, class happenings, and more.

NOTE: If your child is in ADVANCED WRITING, you DO NOT need to join this class. You are already in a REMIND group. 🙂




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